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#Crop Tops & #Strip jeans’

Like Anna Wintour would say “fashion is not about looking back, it’s about looking forward”
I guess one has to welcome “change” as it comes, which we all know that it’s something that is constant, which is why some things are in trend today and before you know it, it becomes a fad.
Taking a glance at today’s fashion world, you find out that so many things have changed; from the style of clothing to type of clothing, some of these new trends that particularly got our attention is the ‘crop tops’. The sudden come back has been bewildering, but the trend is turning out to be very alluring as it stops just above the navel which makes it fashionably sexy, fitting and perfect for a night out with friends. The free crop top with allowance could be worn for a movie or casual hangouts. Another fascinating fashion trend is the “strip jeans”, the cuts defines how it could be worn and the various types of cuts fits into every individual’s style which makes it fun…

The “trendy” high waist jeans to me personally helps bring out your hidden figure especially the hips, it makes everything just fall into place, rocking it with a crop top and the right pair of shoes add class to your look.

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