The Cosmetic Powder You Should Try



Ladies! Get in here, never leave your nose shiny on a first date, that’s a tip! There are places and times you want to shine, but your nose on a first date is definitely not one of them! It’s high time you accentuate your God given features seeing that women all over the world are beginning to see the impact of a neatly made up face including yours truly


Maybelline New york powders gives you an instant flawless matte finish with the look of perfection.


maybell 1maybell 2


The Maybelline look is natural and luminous, never cakey or fakey, it’s oil free, just when you think your oily face cannot stay fresh, Its a “no waxe” face powder…take a guess! Yea, it’s available in 18 breathable shades for any type of skin colour making your look speak volume, ofcuz we ladies need to get the glamorous look…stay beautiful ladies!


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