The Easiest Way To Tie The “Gele”


What is “gele”?  The “gele” is a Yoruba(a Nigerian ethnic group) word for female Head tie which is usually worn at occasions such as weddings and parties. Lots of women see tying the “gele” as an exhausting process but it really isn’t tiring. Here s the EASIEST METHOD you should use

The “tie and twist” Style:
1. Stand in front of a wide mirror that will enable you see your head properly/
2. Fold the material depending on its width to make sure it covers your entire head.
3. Make sure to hold the material with the folded part away from your face.
4. Then place the material over your hair/head.
5. while over your head, Adjust the material so the middle is at the base of your neck. in doing so you will have two ends of material. keep Holding your head up. while looking straight ahead, grab the right end of the material midway to the end with your right hand and immediately hold on to it while grabbing the left end of the material with your left hand.
6. Hold the ends with your thumbs close enough, allowing the rest of your fingers to be free.


7. Keep holding the material with your thumbs, but use the two fingers next to your thumbs to switch the right end of the material to your left hand and the left end to your right hand. {I always find that I bend my head down when doing this or you can just take any position best for you}.
8. Tighten the gele by pulling the ends
9. Let go of the left side of the material but keep still hold the right.
10. Hold your head tilted a bit for this neck step. Take the right end around your head with your right hand until it gets to the left ear.
11. With your left hand, move the left end away from right side you are working with.
{this is where you need to be creative} You can twist, tuck it in, or tie this end.

There you have it. so simple and easy

Here are pictures of how your “gele” can look like.








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