Top 3 Super Cute Waist Coat Combinations Every Man Should TRY


It’s no secret that when it comes to the world of menswear, the waist coat stands out. The exquisite look it gives, accentuates your style and the only way you can do justice to it, is by putting on the right cloth to match it.What is a waist coat? a waist coat is a sleeveless upper-body garment. It can be worn with corporate wears such as a full piece suit and it can also be worn with varieties of shirts.The waist coat when worn gives you a formal and well organized composure. Here are few pictures of waist coat combination’s;


1) The simple and smart combination  

This combination is basically seen as a mode or style for teenagers and youths. It gives you the super simple and smart look.



2) The open-chest combination                     

This striking combination is the mode or style that celebrities opt for. It gives them a classy look.



3) The formal combination

This is the “gentle man’s” combination. It gives you the cute and charming appeal that the ladies are drawn to.


Now you know them, it’s your pick.




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