5 Shoes All Men Must Have NOW


You should have thought about this, “Which shoes must a man have now”. To be honest, two or three shoes won’t do, but eleven might be too many. You need shoes that will get you going from home to the gym, shoes for the casual outing on weekends and others. Men love shoes and it goes a long way in their clothing as most men feel that their shoes stand them out. The super list has been adequately compiled for you to easily and comfortably know which shoes you must have.

1)  Moccasins


Made of Deer skin or soft leather, It is a footwear of many indigenous people in north America. But today, this shoe is widely loved all over the world (In Nigeria, South Africa, U.S.A, England, Japan e.t.c) as it is worn by men in all continents. It seems like this shoe has come to stay. The soft and light feel it gives when worn makes it completely comfortable. It best fits when worn with slim jeans.

2)  Loafers


A popular French designer recently said, “Everyone looks good on loafers, no exception”. okay! Doesn’t this statement tell you that this shoe is unique and iconic? I’m sure it does. If you don’t have these now, then you’re still in the 18th century. Come on! Loafers are extremely classy. They’ll give you youthful look. It goes perfectly with pencil trousers or jeans.

3)  Black leather dress shoes


If you ever want to look extremely gorgeous in a formal wear i.e suit and corporate wears, then you should get these. Every man on a formal outing, (either for an official meeting, conference meeting or any formal meeting), needs these shoes. They give you the perfect formal appearance. There are arrays of Designers that have different types of dress shoes you can buy; from Gucci to Deo milano to Clarks and many others. These designers have new collections Now, so go to their stores and buy.

4)  Casual street sneakers


Most men put on casual sneakers often because they show simplicity in your mode of dressing. whether in short nickers or jean nickers, casual sneakers are absolutely cool. It is light weight and also hassle free to wear. wouldn’t you grab a pair?

5)  Athletic shoes


Getting the right athletic shoe for hiking or going to the gym just got easier. The NIKE athletic shoes are one of the best there is. It is specifically made for runners,hikers and people who work-out. Since men love to work-out, then this shoe must be in their possession; as it is well made for fitness purposes.


2 thoughts on “5 Shoes All Men Must Have NOW”

  1. true talk …mehn most guyz do nt take their shoe serious …they feel it is a girl thing ..but imagine using same shoe everyday for one month lolzzz


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