Guys!! check out some Hot ‘Newsboy Cap’ Colors


Style is primarily a matter of instinct, says Bill Blass (an American fashion designer),  BUT WAIT!! I know that all Guys love to dress good so that they can be seen as blokes; but do they always spot and pick out the right colors of what they want to wear? NOT ALL THE TIME. Now this is where fashion instinct comes in.You’ll agree with me that “newsboy’ caps have been in the fashion line for ages, in fact they are vintage caps that are made of wool, which is ideal for fashion lovers.

Since every man with a simple fashion sense can pick them up at any store, then the color selection comes to play. There are numerous colors to choose from, so this gives you the opportunity to have a cap in either light brown or navy blue e.t.c

Specific colors have been selected by fashion experts. And of course, They are HOT colors you probably haven’t noticed when buying your caps,                     here they are;



1) Oat meal color

Doesn’t it look so good on Terrence Howard? i bet it does. the oat meal color gives you a bright look, when worn with the right cloth to match.



(2) Black Grey color

Neyo looks so cool in the Black Grey newsboy cap. It also complements the color of his hoodie. You can get this.



(3)Grey color

Most men I’ve seen actually have this color. It’s perfect and fits most clothes, (just in case you want to match up with colors).



(4) Black Herringbone

This color is universal and extremely classy. you can find this in any high-end cap shop.


Now you know the colors on trend, which will you rather buy?

It’s up to you to make a choice.



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