5 Startling Lies Women Always TELL




You love her so much, you idolize her appearance and you are crazy about her (aww!! that’s so sweet), all these are the natural feelings that make us human. However, make no mistake, all women lie in certain circumstances or situations and your lovely damsel is no exception. For all who are curious to know these lies, we’ve trimmed them in this article to give you the essential five lies all women tell.

On certain occasions, she could tell you something untrue to protect her feelings or yours(this happens) and at times she can say things to cover her tracks, especially when she does something improper. Whatever the case, certain lies tend to occur much more frequently than others. Now it’s really up to you to learn the five lies all women tell and also how to handle them.




Says who!! It’s so unbelievable. she just said this for you to stop approaching her for a date. Most times it is said with the best intentions, in order to soften the rejection and it is immediately followed by “I just came out of a bad relationship and i don’t want to be hurt again or I’m busy with work and everything right now to have a boy friend”. If the woman is single and interested in you, she will certainly make time to date you.

The reason she lies

She seems uncomfortable (if so, avoid eye contacts and come up with interesting things to make her talk; maybe recent happenings in the neighborhood or anything general).

In case it’s too obvious

Just pretend to believe her for your own self-respect and walk away.





How would you believe a person who says that money is not important. she just says this so you don’t see her as a gold digger. She doesn’t want you to think that she is all about the money (when she might actually be).

The reason she lies

She has probably found out that you care more about women who tend to see money as something of less importance.

What to do

Try her by not buying anything for her during the first four weeks of the relationship. Act as if you went so broke immediately the relationship started. Observe her behavior and see how things turn out.




Couple enjoying dinner --- Image by © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis

when a woman says this, she’s technically on fire. A woman might actually think that there is nothing she would change about her man but that’s until she realizes his annoying habits. A woman may say that she loves your behaviors because that’s what makes you, but when she’s unhappy or annoyed from yelling at her partner, you realize that she saying “i wouldn’t change anything was out of politeness.

The reason she lies

she just wants to be polite with you.

what to do

Ignore her.





This distinguished lie falls under the sex radar. When women are devoted or committed to a man, they focus on him, and of course this makes the man believe that he is the only one the woman holds dear. Because you guys feel this way, girls have a tendency to tell guys what they want to hear.

Sex untruths women often tell men, “you have the longest dick or penis”; “i only cum with you” and “I’ve only been with few guys before”.  She says this so you don’t think she is promiscuous or has had so many sex partners

The reason she lies

She wants to make you believe that you’re solely her man.

What to do

Even though you know that you are actually “not so good” on bed, and that it’s obvious she is lying, you just ignore.



That was delicious!

Close-up of a mature couple laughing

If you cooked, we don’t care how it tastes. We will tell you we love it. No woman will actually tell her man that his food is bad tasting.






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