And Our Fashion Icon of The Month is Eku Edewor



Check her out, isn’t she stunning? oh yea!!! Eku-Edewor1

It’s about time! Fashion icon of the month, yayy! Aint you excited? Cuz obviously we at clairvoy magazine are…Its time to select our fashion icon of the month and we chose #EkuEdewor

Choosing this month’s fashion icon, trust me was not smooth, it was a very tough one considering the impact fashion has brought us..
The personality that has caught our attention is our very own Eku Edewor. This British Nigerian actress, TV presenter and model is one Fashionista to look out for, she is a woman who knows how to bring it in and put it all together.  Don’t mind my description, her sense of style speaks loud enough;

She got us staring in her stunning red carpet attires, (pictures)


I’m sure you are in love already. You might as well agree with me that             Eku Edewor‘s justice to fashion earned her our spot as the fashion icon             of the month… It might also interest you to know that she grew up in Nigeria and UK . Currently, she is making statements in the Nigerian scenes as she stared in lots of movies among which is the recent 2014 film titled When love comes around produced by Zynell ZUh, where she stared as Victoria, she is also the present co host of the present pepsi top ten countdown and the likes of others….yea! She’s worth the icon. lol


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