Perfume, Eau de Toilette, Eau de parfum and Eau de Cologne: Know the difference


Have you ever bought a body fragrance to find eau de parfum(EDP), eau de toilette (EDC) or just the ‘Parfum’ inscription on the bottle? You should, but if you haven’t, maybe you didn’t look properly on the bottle. All these things are distinctive variants you should be aware of.
Paco Rabanne’s “One million” eau de toilette costs $49/ N9, 065 for a 30ml bottle. For the same volume, “One million” eau de parfum goes for $78/14,430. “One million” parfum meanwhile, costs $107/N19795 for just 15ml.
What’s the difference, aside from price?
Names like “eau de cologne” and “eau de parfum” are not just posh ways of saying “perfume”. Perfume is, like other designations, a specific version of a scent.
There were times, in the early 1900’s, where people bought the perfume formulation that was only the version of a scent. Then, perfume was for the elite, because it was only the pure essential oils that were sold (mixed with alcohol that made up the fragrance). But around the late 1900’s, perfume houses started mass-marketing variations of their expensive scents to satisfy a different and much larger market.
Now we see bottles of eau de cologne, eau de toilette, eau de parfum and perfume(or perfum) and most of us aren’t entirely sure what we’re choosing between. Is it about how they smell? Whom they’re made for? Or how they are applied? These questions are entirely yours to answer
Okay! Let’s get into detail, I’ll start from the least scented.

Eau de Fraiche
This is the feminine term used for women’s eau de cologne concentrations, with just 3 percent of the essential scent; it also contains 14 percent of water and 85 percent of alcohol.

Eau de cologne
This is a masculine scent composed of just 5 percent of the essential scent. It also contains 12 percent of water and 85 percent of alcohol.

Eau de toilette
This has about nine percent of the essential oil/scent. It contains 11 percent of water and 82 percent of alcohol. Its light scent is designed for a shorter wear on the skin.

Eau de parfum
This is more expensive than the rest above, and it is only less potent than the parfum. An eau de parfum typically contains 17 percent of the essential oil/fragrance. It also has in it, 73 percent of alcohol and 10 percent of water. It lasts longer than eau de fraiche, eau de cologne and eau de toilette and gives you a longer projection when sprayed.

Parfum / Perfume
Parfum – which is the main designer type extract oil- is the most concentrated and purest form of any fragrance product. It is extremely long lasting on the skin, and as such, is the most expensive. A true classical, designer type perfume will contain as much as 35 percent of the essential oils/fragrance.


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