7 REAL reasons your relationship didn’t last

Heated argument


Things start, things end, and things will always happen; that’s the reality of life. A Relationship Between two people should bring about close familiarity, love and many more; but wait!! Have you ever ended a relationship you thought was appalling or unpleasant only to have the other person look at you in a surprised or shocking way? It can be extremely difficult to pin point the flaws of a relationship, but if you’re trying to figure out what ruined it all? Hold the thought because you’re about to know the “seven” Real reasons why your relationship didn’t last.
Here they are;

You’re so argumentative
Did you ever stop bickering or fighting with words when you two where together? If you didn’t, then you put your relationship in serious jeopardy. There will definitely be situations where you can disagree over a big issue, but if you rant every time your lover says something they like (talking about how dry and insipid it is) for a long time, then he/she will get hurt. For example, she says “I love that movie”, then you say” that movie makes me sick, it’s so boring, I don’t like the actors in it and I wouldn’t watch it even if it showed free in the cinemas. This will start to diminish the likeness your relationship.
You’re too controlling
There nothing as insensitive as being in a relationship where every decision is made by only one person. “Do you want to go to this music show?” “No, we are going to this one instead.” This is detrimental to your relationship because it doesn’t give your partner a say in anything.

You throw tantrums
There is a big difference between needing some time to think after a quarrel and going away like a child after not getting your way. It shows immaturity and makes your partner feel more like a babysitter.

The sex is really bad
No one wants to admit to his/her partner, but some people are really bad at sex. You may think of it as something that isn’t so concerning, but it obviously has an impact because if you are deeply in love with someone you can easily look past it, but if there’s any sort of doubt, this isn’t going to help.
It’s becoming boring
Did you run out of interesting things to do? Oh my! If you did, then boredom was also a detrimental factor in the relationship. Being lively, chatty and fun loving makes a relationship strong and long-lasting

You may not realize it, but you constantly talk about your Ex
Nobody likes to hear things related to the past being said repeatedly, especially when it comes to saying something about an ‘E x’ If you said things about your ‘Ex’ all the time, It will definitely make your partner feel less comfortable and undervalued.
You both wanted different things
At times, a partner in the relationship might figure out that he/she wants something different. Maybe he/she is tired of the relationship and seems to desire something different.
Now that you know all of these, try not to repeat them when next you’re in a relationship.

Do you think there are still some other things that might cause a relationship to fail?
We would love to know what you think.


2 thoughts on “7 REAL reasons your relationship didn’t last”

  1. I think temperament is also a key issues on relationship. What kind of temperament is your partner exhibiting .You have to find out what they like , dislike and the way they act.

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  2. I think communication also matters a lot because if his/her patner dont get to communicate well,there might be some issues that wont make the relationship last long.

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