How Kim Kardashian became the Most Photographed Woman on the Planet

kim k3

One could have wondered how America’s first reality Super Star, Kim Kardashian, rode her way to stardom and immense fame as the most photographed woman on planet Earth.

For some time now, people have had the thought that she got a lot of attention from her past life. We all know that something has to be the reason for something to happen. Kim didn’t only move on from her past life, she monumentally evolved with a super bang.

The Kim we know now has redefined the essence of beauty, and this is the reason the camera loves her so much.

what’s more! The paparazzi always loves to be all over her during occasions.


Kim is insanely beautiful. She is an embodiment of the complete woman. Her beauty has given her massive followers, as most women all over the world opt for her body shape when they decide to trim their body figure.




The Armenian descent sure knows how to look good too. Her ensemble is always to die for as she unites all her clothing accessories form head to toe appropriately. Although she has done campaigns for BALMAIN PARIS and a host of other world renowned fashion houses, her Kardashian clothing collection has been nothing short of a success.

Kim became the most photographed woman in the world last year because of her beautiful, hot and extremely classy look, only a few celebrities come close in this regard, no wonder she’s among the most followed people on Instagram.

looking radiantly gorgeous always and blossoming in her career catapulted  her personality to the title of the most photographed woman in the world.

We love you KIM K. you rock!



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