I almost slept with my House girl



She came into our house at 14. She calls me daddy. Now almost eighteen.

Now shes grown those things, fresh, firm and well shaped. I keep telling myself shes a kid. But my mind will not leave that place.

Madam traveled recently. This “kid” keeps jiggling those succulent things, intentionally or otherwise, I cant tell. Then I couldn’t hold myself, I grabbed her when she served my food. I held and suckled like my life depended on them. Funny thing she didn’t resist. I managed to let go when my conscience wouldn’t let me. I had to visit a brothel to calm nerves that evening. Still throughout the night, my mind couldn’t get rid of the twins.

Now, the problem is how do send this girl out of our house without raising suspicion. I am sure if she stays around, what I am trying to avoid will eventually happen.                                                                                                        Please post your comments below.


Sourced from Nairaland.com


2 thoughts on “I almost slept with my House girl”

  1. I think he should not send her away because if another house girl replaces the girl ..His devilish mind will arise again! He just needs to deal with it .


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