Top 5 American Celebrity Make up Disasters of All-Time


We love our celebrities; we want to know all about their every move, what they’re up to, who they’re dating, what movie they’re going to feature in, which album they’re going to release and lots more.
For some people, the fashion sense is what fascinates them about their beloved superstar; and when I say fashion sense, I mean the makeup they wear which makes them absolutely beautiful (this is referred to the female celebrities). So there are times where our female celebrities step out on the red carpet looking ravishing while there are times where we the fans wish they never came out, due to their flawed faces or horrific make-up.
Over the years, celebrities who have gotten their makeup wrongly, were spotted. Yea! I believe you got that, THEY WERE SPOTTED. Below are the top 5 American celebrity makeup disasters of all time. (Fill your eyes)

#5 — Lil Kim


Lil Kim whose real name is Kim Jones is a rapper from Brooklyn, New York. Her freestyle rap talent made her a recruit of the Notorious BIG. Since then, She has gained so much respect and equally had a great solo career ;but Kim has been in the news every now and then for having an almost completely different appearance due to several plastic surgeries; thus we feel that she may have also lost her makeup sense in the process. woah! she walked the red carpet with pink lips, rosy red cheeks, and pure white eyelids: a weird look for her……….(not on point Kim)

#4 — Miley Cirus


The Hannah Montana star really got this one wrong. Didn’t she check her chin for the excess powder!!!  I’m sure she realized too late. All the same we’ve got a message for you Miley, “Look at the mirror properly, before stepping out next time”.


#3 — Katherine Heigl


The ex Grey’s Anatomy star has been up with numerous things, most notably her new role in a new TV series. After being off for a while, she decided to step out during a movie premier which she did in an awful look. Another ”make up gone wrong disaster here”, her face clearly has darker patches on her fore-head and cheeks. Kath please be sure of your face when next you wanna step out!!!


#2 — Eva Longoria


She is the ex-wife of the popular basketball player, Tony Parker. She is widely loved for her outstanding look. She used to pull of a striking appearance with her sexy figure, but it all went wrong when she stepped out with a flawed face. “what’s with the powdery eyes, Eva!!!”


#1 — Tyra Banks


One of America’s most distinguished Super Model. The anchor of the ‘America’s Next top model” stepped out looking like a Mayan jungle queen. Her eye-shadow did take over.







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