5 things we gathered from Genevieve Nnaji’s interview with Ventures Africa


The name Genevieve is an iconic name in the ears of Nigerians and Africans. We all love her; I mean! We adore her prowess, on screen and her personality, off screen; therefore we make it a priority to delve in to her world whenever she does something new.

She spoke to Uzodinma Iweala of Ventures Africa and although the interview was more about her recasting in Nollywood movies, we gathered some things about genny.

1. She loves to play games

Genevieve loves to play candy crush on her ipad conscientiously.



2. She excelled in Arts

The love for anything artistic always fascinated her. As a growing child, she excelled in painting and comic production which had to do with lots of drawing.



3. She always has a minimum of 2000 naira in her wallet

“I can have more but it’s the minimum. It was my first salary so It’s dear to my heart” she enthused. I guess we now know that an amount of money can be dear to someone. Aww! Isn’t it so touching?



4.  She didn’t complete her university education

Stressed with a lot of activities like course work, modeling and acting as well as the incessant strikes plaguing the university, she left the university after her first year. “My dad didn’t find it funny but I assured him that I’ll go back” she said.



5.She has a dog called prince

Her fluffy white dog’s name is ‘Prince’.







A picture of the future: How Genevieve Nnaji is recasting Nigerian film




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