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7 REAL reasons your relationship didn’t last

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Things start, things end, and things will always happen; that’s the reality of life. A Relationship Between two people should bring about close familiarity, love and many more; but wait!! Have you ever ended a relationship you thought was appalling or unpleasant only to have the other person look at you in a surprised or shocking way? It can be extremely difficult to pin point the flaws of a relationship, but if you’re trying to figure out what ruined it all? Hold the thought because you’re about to know the “seven” Real reasons why your relationship didn’t last.
Here they are; Continue reading 7 REAL reasons your relationship didn’t last

5 Startling Lies Women Always TELL




You love her so much, you idolize her appearance and you are crazy about her (aww!! that’s so sweet), all these are the natural feelings that make us human. However, make no mistake, all women lie in certain circumstances or situations and your lovely damsel is no exception. For all who are curious to know these lies, we’ve trimmed them in this article to give you the essential five lies all women tell. Continue reading 5 Startling Lies Women Always TELL