4 Hottest Black Men Haircut NOW




People stand out for a reason. For every man, there’s a unique hairstyle that fits his overall appearance which makes him good-looking or handsome. Picking up a Calvin Klein or an Armani collection of shirts, trousers and a pair of shoes would give you an “okay look” but getting that “grandeur look” would be solely based on how Continue reading 4 Hottest Black Men Haircut NOW


Female Fashion in Vogue


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#Crop Tops & #Strip jeans’

Like Anna Wintour would say “fashion is not about looking back, it’s about looking forward”
I guess one has to welcome “change” as it comes, which we all know that it’s something that is constant, which is why some things are in trend today and before you know it, it becomes a fad.
Taking a glance at today’s fashion world, you find out that Continue reading Female Fashion in Vogue

The Deodorant for Every Man: New Collection


If you’ve always wanted to smell fresh and incredible, even when sweaty during work-outs in the gym, then you need to pick up the NEW LYNX BULLET.

Measuring just under 8cms and weighing a mere 3.23GMS, Lynx bullet is available in three great fragrances: Vice, Dark Temptation and new instinct. (see images are below) Continue reading The Deodorant for Every Man: New Collection

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